Tuesday, June 3, 2008




Right, right, now straight,
a little left, now straight,
a weird curve, now straight,
careful, careful,
I can’t hurt any of them,
I am walking through a maze,
of doggies.

Oh! I am home.
They are safe.
(Actually, I am safe, relief!)

A nap

Let’s sleep.
Oh! How can I sleep?
The competition has just begun,
Patchy is at his best today,
Tom is catching up.
How could I have missed this melody?
The barking competition!!
I must just sit still,
and listen to the great musical competition.
Bravo Patchy!
Good barking.
Tommy needs practice.


It’s 7.30 in the morning,
I’ve got up at 5.00 to be here on time,
I can hardly sit,
It’s so sleepy.

But they, they are attentive,
as ever,
They attend every lecture.
English, history, physics, politics
You name it,
and they know it.

They come here,
in large numbers,
in any situation,
whether they have the most terrible disease, wound, broken leg, cut, scratch, flees…

These are the real dedicated Kalina Campus loyalists.
the Kalina Campus doggies.


The aunty with the big hat has come in.
Doggies are chasing her Auto.
Happily, anxiously.
She has brought lots of milk and
glucose biscuit for them.
Does that daily.
Small girls in ragged clothes distribute it.

The street children look upon.

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