Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nothing beats the charm of the written word.

The difference between reading and e-reading is that reading restricts one to the written word, whereas e-reading lets one go way beyond the written word. While reading an article online one can just click or google the words or names or facts (anything) that are not understood and can easily access information or discussions on it. However, while reading physically one has to leave that job for later on (which in my case, since I am too lazy, never happens). Also, the net gives one access to many view points at the same place. Without having to run about, rummage through library cupboards one can easily access many opinions and facts. This is a boon- for it brings the entire world at your doorstep.

Moreover, the freedom to begin reading something else whiles you were actually doing something else; and then to write about some other thing, for which you can receive comments and feedback, is provided only by the net.

However, nothing beats the charm of a physical book. It is the most relaxing activity. When you read from a book, and if you like it, a bond develops between you and that copy. You begin to love it. You keep it safely in your bookshelf, show it off to your friends and when in a particular mood, which that book arouses you re-read it. This personal bond is denied on the net. I can’t love an e-page. I can’t hold it. But my book, my own copy- I can hold it, I can write my name on it, I can put the date when I bought it on it, I can underline my favourite parts in it. It can become my friend, which I can feel and TOUCH.

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