Monday, September 1, 2008

Bisleri … I have had it!

Ever overheard conversations of school children? Usually they like to boast about the great and unique experiences they have had. They like to outdo their friends in having done the new “in” thing before them. And so they rattle on endlessly with tales of uber cool holidays to Paris or US, or describe (in much detail) and flaunt their latest gizmos, gadgets, comp. games, mobiles, ipods, iphones and the like. They talk of the cool restaurants they have been to, the various cuisines they have tried, the latest mocktail or cocktail that they had. Also, of designer clothes and accessories.

Lately I happened to encounter one such competition between two school girls. It was sparked by my bottle of Bisleri water. One girl asked the other what I was having. The other felt great and enlightened her friend about the contents of my bottle. The ignorant girl was a bit astonished that it was just water after all. The enlightened girl carried on, its water, Bisleri, I have had it. When we had gone out last year my dad purchased a big bottle of it (mine was too small, so she outdid me too). We drank from it, all of us had it. I have had Bisleri, she announced with pride. The ignorant was awed by the reach of her friend. After all she had had Bisleri.

(I over heard this, not in a village or such place, but in the trains of our very affluent Mumbai)

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