Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Politically correct !!!

It was decided by a politician that another’s visit should be greeted by ‘something black’. Why not re-make a ‘Simon go back’? He sure looks like a Simon. The other enthusiastic youth politician, like most youngsters, on a sudden impulse changed course and decided to experience what his wise colleague had attempted to describe in 140 words. So keeping this adventure in mind he landed penniless, on an impulse, at a railway station. By the sheer number of dramatic pauses that our railways take it was generally felt that a padh yatra would have served the cause better.

Certain movie makers paying regard to the dictionary of politicians thought better of doing away with certain names. So what if it was once a fact. Be it moon, or sun, or what you please. Henceforth they vowed it shall be so.

It had once been Marie Antoinette’s advice to those who could not buy bread to eat cake. And now it was adviced to those who could not buy sugar that it was not essential to living. So diabetic patients cheered for now on all were supposed to join them.

Also a new self- defence strategy was evolved. People were informed that a poor look keeps the bashers away. Fashion designers, it is heard are soon to release a new ‘poor avoid-rage’ look. The highest paid Bollywood actors are to be engaged as brand ambassadors.

What’s more, it was very thoughtfully concluded that a taxi driver must be able to converse with his passengers of local origin. The passenger might always be in need of some good counsel. And where better can one find it, if not with a taxi driver who has learnt it all by driving behind insightful trucks. Should not he share his knowledge, if so it is essential that he should be familiarised with the local tongue.

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