Saturday, July 12, 2008

Boats for 26/7

Churchgate station witnessed a host of changes in the past few days. First of all an array of walk through metal detectors were installed. Good heavens for that- one metal detector that had loyally stood all alone in a corner of the large station has finally found some companions and also now its presence makes some sense. Or else, all these years no one even bothered to check whether it functions or not, by walking through it. It had endured this loneliness for too long now.
However, my head was spinning all this while. After all why was the station being made all so “secure”? Then on 7/11 when I saw many healthy Labradors doing the rounds of the station and some politician giving a speech, everything clicked. Of course these security measures were being taken since 7/11 was approaching.
So, on the big- day the station was flooded with security officials. Hats-off to our security forces. I guess on 7/26 we shall see many boats on the roads.
What if it decides flood on the same day?

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