Tuesday, July 15, 2008

“Protective discrimination”

The government has failed in its part. And has shunned responsibility. It has taken the easy way out in order to pacify the public. Things like reservation are a facade. They hinder and not enhance progress. Such “protective discrimination” doesn’t protect anybody.

Instead of reservation the government should see to it that it fulfils its responsibilities. Better education facilities ought to be made available to everyone. Mumbai has just 4 medical colleges; instead of increasing the number of colleges the government has tried to camouflage its inefficiency by introducing reservations to an extent that there are only about 200 seats available in the open category. As a result a worthy student loses an opportunity to study in Mumbai. This has led to undue stress and severe competition amongst young students. And this terror of not acquiring admission has been well exploited by the various coaching classes. They charge around Rs. 36,000 per subject. Anxiety is clearly visible as admissions to some of such classes for standard 12th and MH-CET were complete just after the tenth standard results were declared. So, a student who worked hard through out std. 10th and scored 90.30% was denied admission to a class (not college) of her choice!

The government should show some concern for its hard-working youth and make some seats available for those who score. It cannot make these students pay the price of its negligence by introducing ceaseless reservations. And any ways reservations don’t even benefit those who they are intended to benefit. For these students who again admission on the basis of reservation still lack the knowledge that a merit student posses. They would benefit if the government were to provide them with better educational facilities and not reservations. So, please don’t shun your responsibilities towards the citizens under the garb of reservation. And those of you who demand reservation, instead please demand for your right to quality education.

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