Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weight lifting

I am very tired. Did a lot of weight lifting today. Oh! The college library sucks. The infrastructure is terrible. And the most interesting trouble is that while one part of the library is on the 3rd floor the other is in another building. So, today was my unlucky day. I never step into this stinky library. However, today I did, and I also spent good 4 hrs in it. Gosh! How did I do that?

Well I wasn’t in the library for most of the time. As I mentioned I did a lot of weight lifting, so coming back to that. I wanted certain judgments, quickly, just as always in an attempt to spend as little time as possible in the library, I breezed through a few books and jotted down some relevant citations. Then began my ordeal. I had to go to the peon with these citations and then he’d give me the relevant judgments. Oh! But he was out for lunch and the other peon didn’t want to leave his place so I waited for an hour for the peon. Finally when he did come, we had to go to the other library.

This library reminded me of an old haveli. It had a huge lock and its door creaked just as it does in ghost movies. Then we entered this haunted house and rummaged through the cupboards for judgments. And then I left with three heavy (extremely heavy) books. I had to go up to the third floor to get them issued then down again to get them Xeroxed then up again to return them. And no lift to aid me. After repeating this twice I felt like dumping the books somewhere instead of going up to return them.

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