Saturday, July 12, 2008


The moment the bell for the lunch break rings, you should begin to run towards the canteen. Or else the mob that comes out of all the innumerable classes will block all routes to the canteen. And then reaching the canteen will become a mammoth task. You will encounter minor skirmishes, long lost friends (who insist on blocking the stairway while chatting hours on end), and those who don’t follow the traffic rules, blocking your way to the desired canteen.

Well, once you have some how managed to reach the canteen, then you will realize that getting across to the canteen counter (to acquire food tokens) is like trying to get across the road while a cycle race is in motion on the same road. You’ll have to battle with famished girls to get this blessed token.

Now you’ll have to wade through a sea of ravenous girls and give this token to the guy behind the counter. This has to be followed by a long wait. Wait. Wait. Hey! What? That other girl took your order away. Wait. Wait. Ah! Finally you’ve got it. But wait again. He has made a mistake and has given you veg fried rice instead of non-veg. oh!

Yeah! Congrats now that you have finally received your lunch you will realize that there is no place for you to sit and gulp it down. But don’t worry, any way the bell has gone. So now fight the same battle amidst the hordes of people to get back to your class.

And your food?

Don’t worry. The crows will finish it for you.
(the cat can help them)

P. S. Keep trying

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