Friday, July 25, 2008

Rain capers

It has just begun to rain after a long, long interval. But I am already bored of the rains. It’s all so dull and gloomy and wet. And everything is so filthy. Maybe tolerating the gloominess and wetness would be easier if it wasn’t all so filthy. There’s muck everywhere. Apart from the ubiquitous muck, the rains kind of highlight all the dirt lying about the place- empty wrappers, soggy tissue papers and the rest. It’s so frustrating to look at all this mess and begin a day.

But the bigger problem is not visual, it’s nasal. The open cans of garbage are a dismal sight; but when wet they emanate a much more rotten stench. Throughout the city, the lovely smell of the rain water and fresh mud is replaced by the intensified foul stench of the various wet manholes, gutters, bins and also animal wastes. Agrh!

Rains would be fun if little more attention was paid towards the cleanliness of the city.

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