Wednesday, July 2, 2008


When I pass by the kitchen I smell sweet hay,
As I enter the kitchen, the smell intensifies.
This smell comes from a basket full of hay
In which are embedded scrumptious mangoes.
I move towards the basket and put the hay aside,
And remove a ripe yellow mango.
It is as warm as a chick.
I wash it with ice water and remove the hay stuck to it.
The entire room is filled with its aroma.
I then take a knife and begin to slice it.
It is orangish yellow, looks very pretty and alluring.
Then I dig my teeth into the soft fleshy fruit
And pull it off its skin;
Into my mouth.
Ah! It is sour.
Tuck! It’s sweet, sour.
I begin to take small bites and suck it within my mouth.
The sweet, sour taste is tickling.
Yum! It melts into my mouth.

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